What We Can Do For You

pexels-photo-990818.jpegHelping you enter new markets

Lemon helps you enter the Latin America & Caribbean education markets. We connect technology-focused companies to the local education marketplace.

  • Is there a market for you?

Market Entry Analysis: first however, we have to conduct a in depth Market Entry Analysis and together decide whether there is a market to start of with.

  • There is a market, whats next?

Market Entry Options: now that we confirmed there is a market, lets look at the market entry options. We offer:

  • OPEN DOORS: knowing the right people is key. If you are confident your own sales staff can close sales after having been introduced to the right people, great! We will get you started introducing you to the decision makers. Off Course, if needed we can always jump in and assist in the sales cycle too.


  • NEW BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AND SALES FORCE ALLIANCE: we help you maximize pipeline opportunities and minimise your risk. We become your partner, you can then also tap into our experience and expertise along the way while you build your in-house team.  We provide you with the expertise needed to develop new intelligence, leads and business opportunities which allows you to focus on providing your clients with the best possible product and service.  We make sure your internal resources are spent on activity that matters to your clients.
  • Don’t have a local network yet and unsure of short/mid term market results to justify investing in your own sales force locally?  We ARE your sales force, we speak the regional languages and understand the business culture. We can work in a commission only sales rep model. We offer a customer base and network of contacts and the trust of our industry gained over years of experience, we can provide a quick route to Market for the products and services we represent. Ask for our rates.




  • SALES REPS RECRUITING AND COACHING:  We can help recruiting knowledgeable and trustworthy professionals and train that staff on the job collaborating on sales opportunities, prospecting, presentations, international conferences and providing general sales support.