Strategic Alliance and Representation

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GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE SERVICES, with offices in Miami and Mexico City, provides sales and marketing support for innovative products and digital platforms for the education research industry such as British Medical Journal, PressReader, World Ebook Library, Reprints Desk (Article Galaxy 101) 


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STUDY PORTALS, a Global Study Choice Platform from the Netherlands. The aim is Empowering the world to choose education, by making study choice transparent globally. StudyPortals helps students find the right programme, in any corner of the world. At the same time, help universities, colleges, graduate schools, language schools, and higher education institutions, to increase the number of student applications, highlighting their programmes to a global audience.



INFIXES, at the forefront of providing blended learning solutions. Infixes is directed at high schools and companies. Blended learning includes the attendance of contact classes as well as individual online learning. Students use the internet to access some material, which is used as a basis for conversations in class. Students have the ability to preview and review that which is discussed in class. Blended learning also allows for the use of other information sources, such as websites, YouTube etc., rather than just sticking to one textbook.   Because students can attend part of the course on site and the rest online, this mode of learning is often more cost effective and affordable than attending traditional classes.




LEAN LIBRARY. The Lean Library Browser Extension is a solution that knows when your patrons are trying to access e-resources. It gives your users two-click-access, it can gather statistics and it allows you to communicate just-in-time with your users. All that with just one extension.