About Lemon

logo L-SIN FONDO-01Helping You Enter New Markets

Your eyes are set on Latin America and the Caribbean as a whole or maybe one or a handful of country markets. You have the most innovative and compelling content, an awesome e-learning platform or game changing online marketing tool for educational institutions.

Whats next? Here’s where Lemon comes in.

Let us help, we have more than 15 years of regional experience and will assist you every step of the way. We can provide you basic intel into the market, so you can make a go or no go decision and then take it from there yourself or we can we assist you all the way ranging from us, being your sales force, to setting up local sales channels and when you are ready for it and want to go at it with full throttle, we can help recruit a direct sales force and even set up an office for you.

It’s all up to you… let’s start with a simple introductory conversation and together, we can  decide what is best for your success in the Americas educational market.

About Latin America and the Caribbean

A beautiful continent, so geographically diverse from snowcapped mountains, glaciers to deserts and largest rainforest on the planet and everything in between. And if the natural beauty was not enough, theres the people.

Proud, lively and emotional comes to mind where every days is lived like its the last. By 2017, almost 700 million people will call it home. Of these more than 300 million receive some sort of education from preschool to higher education.

Local governments have recognised the great challenges in this field and vowed to improve not only the spending but even more the quality of the education itself. There still is a vast gap between the public and private education quality levels but the introduction of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are driving a different kind of quality in education, slowly but steadily and this is just the beginning.

Lemon is actually based out of the logistic and commercial hub of the Americas, Panama City and within a few hours flights from every mayor education market in the region.